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Geotechnical Engineering

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Inspection Services

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Materials Testing

Who We Are

Geo-Sci is an engineering consulting firm specializing in geotechnical engineering, materials testing and inspection services. We are founded on the unified principles of experience, service, and reliability.

Our firm is presently under contract with private developers, architects, contractors, engineers, municipalities, and state agencies.  We have provided services for commercial, residential, and industrial developments, roadway projects, sewer lines, bridges, and large-scale building construction. 

We handle all projects uniquely, applying a personal approach. Our emphasis is on quality, service, and reliability.  We consistently exceed industry standards, enabling us to uphold our reputation as a quality oriented firm.


Our Team

Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who understand our clients' needs.  They are available to provide guidance on all project related questions and inquiries.  From our engineers to our technicians, our team members are trained in their field and bring years of experience to our firm and to our clients.

Our Culture

We are proud to say that we have been in business for over 25 years.  We were founded in 1996 by George Aboumrad, who believed that a culture focused on serving our clients’ needs was the only way to succeed.  Since inception, we have been committed to serving our clients in every phase of the construction process.
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