Engineering and Consulting Services


  • Geotechnical Investigation (site reconnaissance, soil borings, laboratory testing) 

  • Foundations, Recommendations, and Design

  • Earth Retaining Structures Analysis and Design

  • Slope Stability/Landslide Analysis

  • Groundwater Monitoring

  • Monitoring of Foundation Installation

  • Subgrade Evaluation

  • Structural capacity of slabs, piles, and caissons through field load testing


Inspection Services


  • On-site project representation

  • Quality control / Quality assurance 

  • Earthwork, excavation, and subgrade preparation monitoring


Materials Testing


  • Concrete Placement

  • Rebar Inspection and Bridge Deck Inspection 

  • Structural Steel Inspection

  • Asphalt Batching and Asphalt Placement

  • Soil Testing (Laboratory and Field)

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