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Our Services

We know that time is money. 

With Geo-Sci, you get professional consultation and a full range of in-house services from our team or engineers, inspectors, and technicians - along with the most current testing and analytical equipment.  

We know that information is power. 

Thanks to clear communication and frequent project updates, you will 

never be left in the dark about the status of your project. 

Engineering and Consulting Services

  • Geotechnical Investigation (site reconnaissance, soil borings, laboratory testing) 

  • Foundations, Recommendations, and Design

  • Earth Retaining Structures Analysis and Design

  • Slope Stability/Landslide Analysis

  • Groundwater Monitoring

  • Monitoring of Foundation Installation

  • Subgrade Evaluation

  • Structural capacity of slabs, piles, and caissons through field load testing

Image by Scott Blake
Engineerin and Consulting Services
Construction Workers

Inspection Services

  • On-site project representation

  • Quality control / Quality assurance 

  • Earthwork, excavation, and subgrade preparation monitoring

Inspection Services

Materials Testing

  • Concrete Placement

  • Rebar Inspection and Bridge Deck Inspection 

  • Structural Steel Inspection

  • Asphalt Batching and Asphalt Placement

  • Soil Testing (Laboratory and Field)

Materials Testing
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